About YCP

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

The Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program (YCP) is an alternative educational program which offers adolescents (16 -18) an opportunity to change their future.  Students looking for a way to succeed outside of a traditional school setting learn self discipline, leadership, and responsibility while working to obtain a high school equivalency diploma.

Led active and retired Military individuals who emphasize discipline and education, this unique two part program teaches core academics and life skills, and encourages young people from all walks of life to become productive and accomplished in their chosen field.

Two Phase Program

In total, YCP is a 17 month program which consists of two phases.  During the 5 month Residential Phase, students live on site at one of the three locations:  Camp Minden near Shreveport, Training Center-Pineville near Alexandria, and The Gillis W. Long Center near Baton Rouge.  During this phase, students attend school, receive individual counseling and are supervised 24 hours per day.

After graduation, students return home and enter the 12 month Post Residential Phase.  During this phase, which is designed to help students continue in a positive direction, graduates are assisted by YCP case managers and community mentors to continue their education, enroll in college, begin job training, find employment, or enlist in the military.

The Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program encourages teamwork, personal growth, and development through Eight Core Components.

8 Core Components of Youth Challenge

Life Coping Skills
Learn strategies and coping mechanisms for managing personal life through participation in classes on anger management, stress management, conflict resolution, goal setting, money management, and personal hygiene.

Academic Excellence
Attend daily classes with certified instructors in order to improve math and reading skills while working toward earning a high school equivalency diploma or earning HS credits in our CCCR program.

Job Skills
Explore career options through assessment, planning, and skills training while learning resume writing and interview preparation techniques.

Responsible Citizenship
Gain an understanding of government structure and civic responsibilities while learning the importance of cultural awareness, violence prevention, and how to be a positive community member.

Learn positive leadership qualities and gain character development skills necessary to be a good follower and a valued member of society through understanding of social group roles and responsibilities.

Health & Hygiene
Understand the correlation between good health and hygiene habits and lifelong physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing through participation in tobacco education, substance abuse, sexual responsibility, and nutrition courses.

Service to the Community
Understand the value of volunteerism and giving back to the community by completing 40 hours of service to the community and conservation projects.

Physical Fitness
Improve physical fitness through participation in military styled physical training, running, and organized sports designed to to encourage a lifelong commitment to physical wellbeing.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Our program supplies graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens.