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YCP Press Release # 24 - Brig. General honors late father with donation to YCP

February 03, 2015

Brig. General honors late father with donation to YCP

By Megan Ready

MTUwMjAzLVotMDA2CkNoYXJsZXMgV2lsbGlhbSBDaGFwcHVpcyBTci4gKEZyb250IGNlbnRlcikgKENvdXJ0ZXN5IHBob3RvLCBMb3Vpc2lhbmEgTmF0aW9uYWwgR3VhcmQgWW91dGggQ2hhbGxlbmdlIFByb2dyYW0vUmVsZWFzZWQpCg==Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program
Pineville, La. – The Louisiana National Guard Educational Programs hosted a donation presentation ceremony at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, Louisiana, Feb. 3.

Brig. Gen. Charles W. Chappuis Jr., LANG’s assistant adjutant general - Air, together with his family, presented Maj. Gen. Glenn H. Curtis, adjutant general of LANG, with a financial donation in the amount of $8,300.00 on behalf of The Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program.

Brig. Gen. Chappuis and his family chose to honor the memory of his late father, retired Army Maj. Charles William Chappuis Sr., with a charitable gift to an educational MTUwMjAzLVotMDA3ClJldGlyZWQgQXJteSBNYWouIENoYXJsZXMgV2lsbGlhbSBDaGFwcHVpcyBTci4gKENvdXJ0ZXN5IHBob3RvLCBMb3Vpc2lhbmEgTmF0aW9uYWwgR3VhcmQgWW91dGggQ2hhbGxlbmdlIFByb2dyYW0vUmVsZWFzZWQpCg==institution they feel would have enjoyed his support.  “We decided that YCP was the right fit because it is a National Guard Program with a strong emphasis on both education and military,” said Chappuis, who described his father as someone who was a strong proponent of educational programs.

"You never know how an act of kindness will affect someone," said Maj. Gen. Glenn H. Curtis, the adjutant general of the LANG. "But the kindness shown today by the Chappuis family will affect many of Louisiana's youth in a big way, for a long time.”

"Thank you for your kindness to YCP and our youth with this generous donation," said Curtis to the Chappuis family.

The significant financial donation made on behalf of LANG-YCP will be given as scholarships, and will be awarded to deserving graduates who plan to further their education after completing the residential phase of the program.  “This donation made by the Chappuis family will provide numerous graduates with the opportunity to pursue higher education after completing YCP”, said Col. Michael Borrel, director of educational programs for the Louisiana National Guard.

Charles Chappuis Sr. grew up in the early 1900’s, the youngest of 6 children born to a rice farmer. Despite sometimes difficult circumstances, his father insisted that his children perform well in school. Mr. Chappuis and his 5 siblings graduated high school and received undergraduate degrees from Louisiana State University.

Charles Sr. and wife Carmelite (Lita) worked hard to teach their 6 children the values MTUwMjAzLVotMDA4ClBJTkVWSUxMRSwgTGEuICZuZGFzaDsgQnJpZy4gR2VuLiBDaGFybGVzIFdpbGxpYW0gQ2hhcHB1aXMgSnIuIHNwZWFrcyBkdXJpbmcgdGhlIGRvbmF0aW9uIGNlcmVtb255LiAoWUNQIHBob3RvIGJ5IE0uIFJlYWR5LCBMb3Vpc2lhbmEgTmF0aW9uYWwgR3VhcmQgWW91dGggQ2hhbGxlbmdlIFByb2dyYW0vUmVsZWFzZWQpCg==Charles Sr. learned from his father. As a result of his father’s influence, the younger Chappuis credits much of his success, and that of his siblings, to his father.  “My five sisters and I have been very successful in our lives to a great degree because of my father’s insistence that we all work hard.  He thought very much of a good education, and he made sure we all got it done,” said Chappuis.

A U.S. Army Veteran of World War II, Mr. Chappuis retired from military service with the rank of Major. He received the following medals, World War II Medal, American Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Medal, European-African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, and Good Conduct Medal. Later, he received the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal awarded by Governor Bobby Jindal.  

MTUwMjAzLVotMDA5ClBJTkVWSUxMRSwgTGEuICZuZGFzaDsgT24gYmVoYWxmIG9mIFRoZSBMb3Vpc2lhbmEgTmF0aW9uYWwgR3VhcmQgWW91dGggQ2hhbGxlbmdlIFByb2dyYW0sICAgICAgTWFqLiBHZW4uIEdsZW5uIEguIEN1cnRpcywgYWRqdXRhbnQgZ2VuZXJhbCBvZiBMQU5HIGFjY2VwdHMgYSBkb25hdGlvbiBpbiB0aGUgYW1vdW50IG9mICQ4LDMwMC4wMC4gZnJvbSBCcmlnLiBHZW4uIENoYXJsZXMgVy4gQ2hhcHB1aXMgSnIuLCBMQQ==Charles William Chappuis Sr. passed away last October at the age of 89.

The mission of the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16-18 year-old adolescents, producing program graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary in order to succeed as productive citizens. 

The Youth Challenge Program offers young people an opportunity to improve their lives through participation in an innovative, alternative school. 

The Youth Challenge Program is administered to participants at no cost, and all needs, such as meals, bedding, classroom instruction, and uniforms, are provided free of charge. This award-winning program has been recognized as one of the nation’s most effective and cost efficient programs for targeting at-risk youth.

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